Since October 11th 2012 we are celebrating the Year of Faith in the Catholic Church . The Holy Father Benedict wants us to reflect on what our faith means to us during this year. As a Christian I cannot not know what I believe. One can say “I know it – I believe in God, in the Holy Trinity, in the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the saints, so I do not need this special year”. However, it is not enough to say “I believe”. I must know what “to believe” means. I believe not only in God, but I also believe God. I should also trust in God. I should receive Him each day as the most important Person in my life each day. He cannot be just one of many persons in my life. He cannot be just one of many values in my life. God should always be first in my life. It not enough to remember him only when I have nothing else to do. This is God, who should organize my life. This is God, whom I should ask if I do not know what to do in my life. If I do not know what to decide I should consider what decision Christ would make. Faith does not only mean to believe in Christ. Faith also means to live like Jesus would like one to live. I am wary of people who say without humility “father, I believe very much, I am very religious”. These words do not witness faith. Deeds, behavior, the life one leads – these are things that tell us if someone really believes or not. The Year of Faith is a good occasion to do an examination of my conscience. I would ask myself: Do I trust in all God`s words and commandments even though they seem difficult or strict? Do I offer a time for prayer to God every day? Is God the most important in my life or do I have false gods that I give greater attention to than God, like money, my profession, TV, Internet, pleasure, property, etc.? Do I find time to attend the Holy Mass on Sundays? Do I want to learn something new about God, the Church, listening attentively to the sermon during the Eucharist? Do I encourage my children to learn about the Catholic faith and tradition, bringing them to catechism classes? Do I set a good example for my children e.g. attending the Sunday Mass? Do I try to not work on Sunday if it is not necessary? Do I believe that God acts today in His Church through the person of the priest and through sacraments? Do I receive with love and appreciation God`s gifts – the sacraments – not only Baptism and Confirmation – but also the sacrament of Reconciliation, the Eucharist and others? My dear brother or sister, please think on all these questions. Try to change if something needs changing. Do not miss the Year of Faith that Our Lord Jesus Christ offers to us.